The Rest of my Life


First Week’s Progress

Well, I’m almost one week in.  On the good side, I have lost about 7 pounds.  On the bad side, I feel like crap today :(

I’m still not sure exactly what I should and shouldn’t be eating.  I am just trying to avoid any sweets and keeping processed sugars out of my diet.  I have been a lot more conscious of the carbs in the foods I eat, but haven’t cut them down a lot.  I at more yesterday than in the past few days, but everything was pretty low cal. 

I have a class with a nutritionist scheduled for next month and my wonderful hubby wants to go with me.  He is being incredibly supportive in all this.  I always knew I picked a good one, but at times like this, he really proves it!!!

Overall, I think I’m doing better with all this than I thought I would :)

Unexpected life changes

Yesterday started as a regular weekday. I got up, got dressed, and went to work. Little did I know that by 5 my life would be forever changed. It began with an innocent enough email, “you have a message from your doctor.” I went to the link and began reading. I guess I should say that Tuesday I had my annual checkup and the doctor had ordered bloodwork. I had been checking the results as they came in and nothing looked all that bad to me. Well, apparently I don’t know how to read the results as well as I thought. As I read, my heart dropped. I have been on cholesterol lowering meds for a year, those results were good. My A1C, however was elevated, though only a little. (so I thought) I have now been diagnosed at having Type 2 diabetes. I also have hypothyroidism and am vitamin D deficient. Now I know it could have been a lot worse. But I just can’t believe I allowed myself to get this out of shape and unhealthy!!! I harp on it to my daughter all the time. Eat right, exercise, we have a family history of diabetes and heart problems, I tell her. But I didn’t listen to my own advice. Now, I not only have to test my blood sugar twice a day, I have to take meds for the blood sugar and for potential kidney problems associated with the diabetes. Add to that the hypothyroid meds, an aspirin to ward off heart problems and stroke and a vitamin D supp, and I might as well be a walking pharmacy!! Well, I’m not going to let this beat me! I have been forced to make changes I have needed to make for many years now, and make them I will. I am going to do everything possible to lose weight and get on shape and get ride of all these meds. So yesterday was life changing, but I am determined to make positive changes because of it. I have had a day of pity party, now it’s time for planning for the rest of my life. :)